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Open Badges are an efficient and reliable way to recognize and share academic achievements. This unlocks opportunities for education and the job market. Open Badges contribute to a culture of recognition within organizations and society.

Open Badges issued worldwide
Different open badges available

Open badges in education.

Open Badges play an important role in recognizing and validating the development of knowledge and skills. This can involve the completion of formal education or informal development.

visibility of acquired skills and educational results,
a stimulus in the development of lifelong learning skills,
reliable verification of individual talents
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Open badges in business.

For the identification and validation of knowledge and skills of (potential) employees, Open Badges offer employers a quick way to verify applicants' qualifications. Internal Open Badge programs offer employees the opportunity and motivation to continue working on career and further development.

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The Added Value of Open Badges

Open badges are crucial for both education and business. It is a verifiable way to measure an individual's skills and achievements. Moreover, it is a cornerstone for Lifelong Learning and a culture of recognition and reward.

Verifiable measurement of skills & achievements

Credible, demonstrable, transparent, and verifiable. An efficient way to showcase skills to employers, caregivers, and other stakeholders.

Supporting development through lifelong learning

Open badges provide recognition of skills and achievements acquired outside traditional educational paths. Students are motivated to pursue further development and education.

Building a culture of recognition & reward

Reliable validation of achievements and skills motivates students to continue studying. By also appreciating non-formal achievements, further learning is encouraged.

Interoperable promotion of transferable skills

Skills are presented and recognized in multiple contexts and on different platforms. It provides a standardized language for communication, verification, and recognition of skills and achievements.

Motivational gamification of students & employees

Learning and performing are stimulated by rewards within their own environment. Achieving verifiable skills or certificates means reaching the next level. This unlocks opportunities and rewards, such as discounts on further education or customized course offerings.

Quantifiable display of micro-credentials

Even those small courses, job skills, and other non-formal educational achievements that an individual has earned are represented in Open Badges.

The rise of open badges

At NGDIL, we actively promote the value that Open Badges bring as verifiable evidence of individual skills and capabilities. Through Open Badges, educational institutions and companies can build a learning environment for support and encouragement for further professionalization and development.

Together with micro-credentials, Self-Sovereign Identity, and other emerging standards and technologies, Open Badges add value to achievements and skills that were previously not accredited. Personal and professional growth is recognized. This way, Open Badges contribute to a culture of Lifelong Learning, where diversity and inclusion are highly valued. Students can follow modular education themselves and build a unique identity with acquired knowledge and skills.

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