Unlocking portable verifiable skills with open badges.

A way to recognise and share achievements, open badges can contribute to a culture of recognition within organisations and communities.

Open Badges issued worldwide
Different open badges available

Open badges in education.

Open badges play an important role in recognising and validating development. This can involve the completion of (a part) of formal education or informal development.

Visibility of learned skills and education
Encourages development of further life skills
Trusted verification of individual abilities
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Open badges in business.

Helping to identify and validate employees' skills and knowledge, open badges provide employers a quick way to assess applicants' qualifications, as well as motivate progress in the workforce through achievements and milestones through internal open badge programs.

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What value can open badges provide

Open badges are important for both education and business, providing a verifiable means of measuring an individual's skills and achievements, supporting lifelong learning and a culture of recognition and reward.

Verifiable measurement of skills & achievements

Providing a credible and portable way to showcase one's abilities to employers, educators, and other stakeholders in a transparent and verifiable manner.

Supporting development through lifelong learning

Recognition and communication of skills and achievements acquired outside of traditional education pathways, motivating learners to pursue further development and education.

Building a culture of recognition & reward

Building if evidence of participation, achievements, and skills, which can motivate learners and encourage further learning and participation, through the recognition of informal learning.

Interoperable promotion of transferable skills

Showcasing and recognition of skills across different contexts and platforms, providing a standardized language for communicating, verifying, and acknowledging skills and achievements.

Motivational gamification of students & workers

Incentivized learning and achievements by providing a tangible, shareable, and verifiable representation of individuals skills, participation, and accomplishments.

Quantifiable display of micro-credentials

Standardized and portable way to represent and communicate the minor courses, vocational skills, and other non-formal educational achievements an individual has earned.

Supporting the rise of open badges,

At the NGDIL we promote the value open badges can bring in providing verifiable evidence of individual skills and abilities for individuals. Through the introduction of open badges, academic institutions, as well as businesses, can create environments that encourage and support continued development in professional and educational settings.

When coupled with micro-credentials, self-sovereign identity, and other emerging standards and technologies, open badges can give value to achievements and skills that have previously gone unaccredited. Supporting personal and professional growth and contributing to a lifelong learning culture that values diversity and inclusion.

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