Learning is a lifelong thing.

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning mandate is"...taking a holistic and integrated, inter-sectoral and cross-sectoral approach to lifelong learning as the guiding paradigm for 21st century education".

The NGDIL stands by this mandate encouraging an ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for all individuals, everywhere.

What we do, and why we do it.

Through the pursuit of new technologies and interoperable educational systems, we strive towards a world where learning is accessible to all and encouraged for the development of the individual and communities, they are a part of.

Learning should be an inclusive activity, at all levels. Whether a single skills course, or an extended degree program. Through our research and development, we will continue to discuss and advance the practical inclusion of lifelong learning throughout our endeavours.

UNESCO 5 elements of life long learning.

Lifelong learning has never mattered more, whether to individuals, cities, or the global community of education policymakers. It is central to the United Nations’ development agenda and is an important focus of UNESCO’s work.

All age groups.

Educational opportunities should be available to everyone, irrelevant of their age group, from the youngest child to the oldest pensioner, all have the right to learn.

All levels of education.

Learning activities should be encouraged at every level, from basic literacy through to advanced diplomas, to provide accessible learning opportunities for all.

All learning modalities.

An emphasis should be put on the equality in value of all different learning modalities, whether they make use of remote, in-person, or hybrid approaches.

All learning spaces.

Every classroom is important, whether it is in a school, an office, online, or in the workplace. Every space used for learning holds the same level of importance.

A variety of purposes.

Whether for individual competitiveness and employability, or social inclusion, personal development or citizenship, every learning purpose holds value.

EU adults participate in LLL
Europeans not active in LLL

Why our focus is on life long learning.

It's human nature to be curious, curiosity leads to learning, which leads to development, which leads to a better way of life, as an individual, and as a society.

Through encouraging practices that support the lifelong learning mentality we are dedicated to building towards a more positive society that can provide improved mental health and well-being, better skilled workforces, increasingly collaborative environments, and a more inclusive global community, as a whole.

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How life long learning can help.

Lifelong learning at its core focuses on the encouragement of, and access to, personal development opportunities for individuals. Through an improvement in skillsets and education of individuals, communities also benefit from a number of collective side effects.

Increased skillset of local population
Improved health and mental wellness of community
Higher level of motivation for community improvement
Increase in regional innovation and economic progress
A more collaborative and interactive community
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