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The Next Generation Digital Identity for Learning (NGDIL) is a consortium based in the EU. Combining public and private organizations, NGDIL focuses on research and development of technologies that promote access to education and learning, including digital accessibility while maintaining privacy and reliable validation of acquired knowledge and skills.

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SSI for Education

Self-Sovereign Identity provides a secure way for individuals to manage personal data in a protected environment. They can share these with potential employers or institutions. These personal data may consist of achieved grades, certificates, or skill-based data.

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Interoperability & open standards.

Interoperability and open standards are an essential foundation for the introduction of new technologies in education and learning. The discussion about standardization and how these standards can be effectively used is a good starting point. The use of recognized international standards creates an interoperable basis for the adoption of new technology in education. We actively contribute to the development and implementation of these standards.

The following standards are at the basis of this technology:

W3C's Decentralized Identifiers & Verifiable Credentials for verifiable data
OpenID Foundation's: OID4VP, OIDC4VCI, SIOPv2 for authenticating and exchanging data
The European eIDAS 2.0 legislation for digital identity wallets and digital signatures
ED1Tech's: Open Badge 3.0 for verifiable skills
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By using Self-Sovereign Identity and Open Badges, we want to promote learning innovation. In this way, we bridge the gap between education and employment and stimulate lifelong development.

The use of Open Badges and SSI can create a reliable and secure system for both individuals and organizations. Learners can manage their own data and skills, and companies and institutions are able to easily and efficiently verify skills and qualifications.

A growing international consortium building with global standards

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