Creating Accessible Education While Preserving Privacy

The Next Generation Digital Identity for Learning (NGDIL) group is a consortium of public and private entities based in the EU. Its focus is on supporting research and the development of technology for education-related accessibility. We do this with a primary emphasis on Self-Sovereign Identity and privacy preservation to promote interoperability within educational and learning frameworks.


The NGDIL is dedicated to promoting technological advancements and standards that enable accessibility and interoperability in education and learning systems. The pursuit of cross-border collaboration fosters the development of standardized frameworks for both educational institutions and vocational training. Furthermore, the NGDIL actively supports initiatives for lifelong learning.

The principal objective of the NGDIL is to conduct research, develop pilot programs, and facilitate the deployment of new technologies, all while maintaining and enhancing privacy and reliability. This is achieved by investing in systems based on digital reference frameworks, simultaneously enabling interoperability and cooperation between both public and private entities.


Our vision is a world without borders in education.

We strive for a reality where everyone has lifelong access to education without limitations. In this world, recognizing, verifying, and exchanging learning achievements and certificates is a seamless and universal approach.

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The NGDIL Core Values

NGDIL promotes and supports the use of standardized technology that enables inclusive and accessible learning methods. Micro-credentials, verifiable units, and Open Badges provide validation across all areas of academic and vocational education. We operate with the following core values as our compass:


Equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere in the world. Build a future where there are no barriers to an individual's developmental opportunities.


Learning and technology go hand in hand when it comes to accessibility. Strive for a future where both technology and learning are accessible to everyone.


Interoperable standards and frameworks should make the use of Edtech easier. Without barriers and for everyone: from business to education, from countries to entire continents.

Open Technology

Barrier-free means are necessary for integration. Facilitate the open nature of technology, giving individuals and organizations easy access to the apps and resources they need.

Lifelong Learning

Education and learning go far beyond educational qualifications. Encourage development and support in all formal and informal forms.

Privacy & Trust

Privacy is a fundamental human right. This core value is central in discussions about the safety and trust frameworks for the future development of learning.

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